RVC students and staff react to tragedy

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- On Saturday, Peter Ruckman, a Rock Valley College Political Science professor, and his sons, 12-year-old John and 14-year-old Christopher were found dead in their home near Cherry Valley.

Investigators believe Peter Ruckman shot the boys and then himself.

Now RVC students are sharing their memories of Ruckman as a professor.

"Out of class, he was more quiet, kept to himself. More of an introvert, I would say," said Tiffany Kreutzer.

Kreutzer took American National Government class taught by Ruckman.

"He always wanted to make sure everyone was engaged in his classroom conversations. He always wanted everyone to have fun in his class," said Kreutzer.

Kreutzer says her professor appeared to be like Jekyll and Hyde: one person inside the classroom and another in public.

"From what I've seen from the situation, a lot of people loved him, and a lot of people really enjoyed his classes," said Kreutzer.

RVC President Doug Jensen says the college is doing what it can to help students cope.

"We have special programs set up for our students and staff, and there will be continuing to be services extending through this week and next week when the students return from spring break," said Jensen.

While Kreutzer was not close to Ruckman, she knows the impact this tragedy is having on the RVC community.

"I just never thought that he would be one to be in that situation, but then again, you don't think anyone will ever be in that situation," said Kreutzer.

RVC leaders extend their sympathy to everyone affected by situation.