Rock Valley College Police conduct an 'active shooter' drill

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - After multiple school shootings nationwide, The Rock Valley College Police Department took action and created an active shooting exercise.

“You see a gun kind of held to his side. So I stood up and I asked him, 'hey what are you doing with that' and immediately he pulled it up and shot me in the abdomen," said RVC freshman, Brendan McGarry

During the drill students and staff volunteered for different roles, McGarry was a shooting victim.

"I tried to give the police more of a realistic type of atmosphere, crawling on the floor, grabbing at their legs, asking for help and their duty as a police officer was to the best of their ability ignore my actions and try to find the shooter," McGarry said.

McGarry says playing a victim in the drill really brings light to how traumatic this situation can be for everyone.

"Most of these officers don't know each other. So when we bring them into this type of scenario they have microseconds to click and to make it happen and to communicate and get it there and solve the problem," said RVC Chief of Police, Joe Drought.

Police from eight agencies responded to the drill and Drought says they acted very quickly, finding the suspects in less than an hour.

"This was a wonderful example of how law enforcement and all of your first responding agencies all come together to work on these things," Drought said.

"It makes me feel a little bit safer knowing that the cops around our area can handle this the way they did,” McGarry said.

RVC police say they are planning another exercise focusing on getting victims treated by the paramedics.

Wednesday’s drill focused primarily on the role police have in catching the suspects.