RPS 205 working to help police department detect shots fired

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- The Rockford Public Schools District is working towards helping the police department make our community safer by being able to detect where shots are fired.

The districts operations committee made a recommendation to allow ShotSpotters to be installed on up to 12 RPS properties. The devices will be able to help police detect the number of shots fired and where they came from. The police department plans on installing up to 100 ShotSpotters around the city. The school district says installing the devices will help create a safer community for its students.

"They're going to have these sensors that are going to monitor everything that takes place and if there's a shot fired they'll be able to triangulate it. So, with our buildings being part of that mapping area of the hundred, yes we feel that that's going to be safer for us too,” said Chief Operations Officer for RPS 205, Todd Schmidt.

The district has not disclosed the locations of which schools will have the ShotSpotters. The school board will have the final approval at their meeting on February 27th. Then the devices will be able to be installed.