RPS 205 hosts groundbreaking ceremony at the 2nd new elementary school

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Rockford School District leaders break ground on a new elementary school on Rockford's Southside Wednesday afternoon, marking the second new school construction for RPS 205 since 1998. Staff and students said they are excited about the new addition.

Victor Cloyd, a second grader at Kishwaukee Elementary School, said he's going to feel “amazed” when he walks into his new elementary school.

"I have been going to Kishwaukee for three years and I’m really happy that they're making another school," said Cloyd.

The 14-acre site is being built right across from Kishwaukee Elementary School. It's the second time the district broke ground on a new school this year, the other was in Cherry Valley in June. RPS 205 Superintendent Ehren Jarrett said the students are getting excited about this new school, which he calls a 21st-century learning environment.

"I can tell you this, just visiting Kishwaukee School; I know that they've been enjoying watching the process," said Jarrett.

"I am on the third floor and our window faces directly out here, so yeah it's really cool watching them work on the new school," said Cloyd.

The school will serve about 700 students who live in Kishwaukee, Nelson and a portion of the Beyer Elementary school zones. It will have about 30 rooms within the 86,000 square feet, allowing more space for students.

"This will become something that the neighborhood can really be proud of. We think the neighborhood has been dramatically improved. We can't wait to see their faces when the work is completed and they get to have this be their new learning environment," said Jarrett.

"If they want to grow up and get a job, they need to learn the education they need," Cloyd explains.

The current Kishwaukee Elementary School will soon become parking and green space for children to play. The new school is expected to cost around $17.7 million and should be ready for the 2019-2020 school year.