RPS 205 expects to restore WiFi access in upcoming days

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Rockford Public Schools District 205 expects to restore districtwide WiFi access and other services in the upcoming days.

RPS 205 has faced a districtwide electronic and digital systems outage since Sept. 6 after a ransomware attack. Officials say the district is working with a professional forensic firm to investigate the attack.

In a Facebook update, the district says the firm has not yet been able to identify any specific personal information that was accessed by the attacker group, but usernames and passwords might have been involved.

School personnel have been asked to change their passwords before gaining access to their RPS 205 email account or any district-issued device. It is still unknown whether any other student or staff information was compromised.

The district also expects to restore access to phones, P.A. systems and google applications once the outage is restored.