RFD passengers react to faulty flight allegations with Allegiant Airlines

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Many Allegiant Airline passengers are concerned after a CBS News 60 Minutes investigation reported the airline has been flying under the radar when it comes to safety. Many local Allegiant flyers are now reacting to the allegations.

"I do prefer to fly out of Rockford, but also I like to stay safe,” said Allegiant flyer Debbie Rosales.

Debbie Rosales has been using the Chicago-Rockford International Airport for years, but that may change after a 60 Minutes report alleges Allegiant Airlines, despite being one of the most affordable airlines, could also be one of the most dangerous.

"It's not worth the extra money you save I think. I think next time I'll do Delta,” said Rosales.

The investigation found hundreds of mechanical incidents, engine failures and unscheduled landings from January 2016 to this past fall. It also discovered several planes with recurring problems returned to service before they were ready.

"When I heard that about that report it kind of surprised me because I've never experienced any of that and I've flown quite a bit,” said Allegiant flyer Ronnie Manns.

Allegiant is the only official airline that flies in and out of Rockford. Although some passengers feel differently about the airline, it isn't going to stop some from flying.

"Sometimes you get painted with a big broad brush, you know, they say Allegiant Airlines everybody thinks Allegiant everywhere, but we've had perfect runs here,” said Manns.

Allegiant released a statement saying in part "...We are disappointed yet again by another feeble attempt to damage the reputation of our hard-working team members and that of our company. We are the same great company we've always been, with an outstanding safety record..."

Rosales hopes the airline will take a good look at their policies before she will consider flying with them again.

"I do kind of need some confirmation that they're doing something to correct their problem. I don’t want to fly there if there's nothing done,” said Rosales.

Some passengers hope the allegations aren't true so people won't be discouraged from flying out of Rockford. Allegiant Airlines believes the report was based off of "out dated statistics.”