Quilting for Kangaroos, designed to help Australia's wildlife

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ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR) -- Community members help animals nearly 10,000 miles away. Sunday Quilting in the Valley in Rockford hosted its first sew-in to make Joey Pouches for Kangaroos harmed by the fires in Australia.

Quilting for Kangaroos

The sew-in is designed to draw attention to the devastation in Australia. Organizers want people to know there are ways to help, even though the destruction is far away from the stateline.

Organizers say there are several ways to contribute, whether it's donating or cutting fabric, or sewing and sending the pouches out. They say it's a great initiative to utilized creative skills.

"They didn't know how they could help, other than maybe like donating to the Red Cross or something that we're all used to doing," says Lisa Bychowski of Quilting in the Valley. "But people want to do more, and actually in the creative community people will say 'well what can my skills do?'"

Quilting in the Valley owners will host another sew-in event next Sunday, January 26 from noon to 5 p.m. They ask that anyone interested calls ahead of time.

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