Punishing Temperature Crash Just Hours Away from Reaching the Stateline

Mild temperatures have prevailed in the Stateline this week, and for a good chunk of October's opening ten days. However, a major pattern change, well-advertised by computer forecast models for some time, is now just hours away from coming to fruition.

A powerful cold front is rapidly pushing through Iowa this evening, and is slated to reach the Stateline in the early hours of Friday. It's the same front that sent temperatures in Denver from 80° yesterday afternoon to 26° early Thursday Evening! The temperature crash here won't be quite as epic, but it will be an extremely significant one!

Ahead of the front, our temperatures will remain quite warm overnight. In fact, it's plausible we stay in the 60s all night long! Officially, Friday's high temperature will also be in the 60s, but it will be severely misleading.

Temperatures will begin a major crash at or around the time many of us get ready to head out the door for work or school. By midday, temperatures across the Stateline will have fallen into the 40s. As football games get set to kick off Friday Evening, some spots will already have temperatures in the 30s, and wind chills even colder! When all is said and done, temperatures are ticketed for the upper 20s to lower 30s areawide. For that reason, the National Weather Service has hoisted a Freeze Watch for the entire Stateline, with the exception of Boone and DeKalb Counties, for Friday Night into early Saturday. Anyone with sensitive plants or tender vegetation is advised to bring them in, if possible, or at least to cover them. Uncovered plants left outdoors in these temperatures may very well perish.