Property tax assessments increase for a majority of Winnebago County homeowners

WINNEBAGO COUNTY, Ill. (WIFR) - Many Stateline residents worry their property taxes could sky-rocket next year after receiving an assessment notice.

"One of the attractions out here is generally lower taxes. But it's building up to be what we left," said Richard Christensen, Rockton Homeowner. 

11 years ago when Christensen moved to Rockton when his taxes were half the amount they are now. Christensen says he will spend about $500 more on property taxes next year.

"The economy is doing well. Things are doing well and I would have expected it do go down more so then go up the amount that it did," Christensen said. 

Christensen says the fair market value of his property went up 4.5% and he's not alone. Supervisor of Assessments for Winnebago County Tom Hodges says more than 90,000 homes and businesses saw between one and six percent increase in their assessment.

"That assessment level is based on the past three years of sales,” Hodges said. 

Since the housing market has been on the upswing, Hodges said property tax assessments will also go up. 

"Which is, in general, a positive thing for the area," Hodges said. 
Hodges said some homeowners won't see an increase. 

"About 6% was lowered 1% or greater," Hodges said. 

"It's affecting everybody and there are a lot of retired people in this neighborhood too, this is a reason people are leaving because of the taxes," Christensen said. 

If you think your property tax assessment is wrong, the county encourages you to contact your local township assessor.