Property Tax Frustration

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ROCKFORD, Ill. ( WIFR) - -
Local Republican officials held a press conference today to address their concerns regarding the Democratic Party’s progress surrounding property tax relief in Illinois.

“Through all of this have we seen improvement in property taxes in Illinois?,” asked Illinois State Representative Jeff Keicher.

Republicans argued that they proposed twenty six reform ideas that were shut down. They say that they didn’t have enough input in the final draft report.

"As a party and as an individual representing my area I can't possibly sign off on that type of flawed process,” said State Representative Joe Sosnowski.

Democrats said that the proposal includes input from all parties.

"I believe the final report has recommendations from all four caucuses Republicans and Democrats,” said State Senator Steve Stadelman.

Both parties agree that something needs to be done to lower property taxes in Illinois.

"The people of Illinois deserve better,” said Keicher. We need to be better states people in handling this crisis."