Professor touts literature as good way to teach kids about race

Published: Jun. 21, 2020 at 5:20 PM CDT
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Starting difficult conversations at a young age can be a challenge for parents across the country, but one educator believes literature is a great way to approach the subject of social injustice with children.

Northern Illinois University Professor Melanie Koss developed a list of books that parents can put in the hands of young children until they enter high school.

She says a baby's brain can begin to notice race-based differences as young as six months old, and believes it is vitally important for parents to use these books to start teaching kids about race.

"I think right now in our time of social action and trying to combat systemic racism,” Koss said. “It's a book that's not just a window. It's a book that opens the door, and lets people into another world in a way that it's a call to action or it's a change within themselves."

Koss says it is important for every parent to purchase these books for their children to find her list of literature