Pritzker among incoming governors critical of charter school expansion

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WASHINGTON (AP) -- With new Democrats set to take over the governor's mansion across the country next month, the charter school movement may face a shifting political landscape in several key states.

The incoming governors elected in November in California, Michigan, Illinois and New Mexico have all said they want to take the rare step of putting a halt on new charter schools.

They'll replace outgoing leaders who have openly supported the sector that enrolls roughly 3 million students across the U.S. in schools that are publicly funded but privately run.

According to a report​ from Chicago Tribune, Illinois governor-elect J.B. Pritzker looks to hold off on charter school expansion due to funding concerns and other "challenges" to the state's educational system.

In addition, the new governors in Connecticut, Kansas, Maine and Nevada are also expressing less enthusiasm for charters than their predecessors.

Heading into 2019, there are now 23 Democratic governors after Democrats flipped seven states from Republican control.