Pregnancy and prenantal care is changing amid the coronavirus outbreak

Published: Apr. 6, 2020 at 5:07 PM CDT
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Welcoming a newborn baby into the world during the coronavirus pandemic creates a new set of challenges for parents.

“As a new parent you don't know everything," said Haley Galarza, a Rockford mother.

Galarza's daughter Luisa just turned one and the COVID-19 crisis has opened up a new set of challenges for her.

"Being a full-time working mom with a one-year-old that is not taking naps during the day comes with its own challenges but you kind of just roll through the punches," Galarza said.

Galarza says when she hits a rough patch she always looks to others for help and encourages new-moms living in these uncertain times to use their resources.

"Whether that's your pediatrician, the lactation consultant at your hospital, maybe it's that girl you don't really know on Facebook or Instagram," Galarza said.

"What I would encourage all pregnant women to do is stay very well informed," said Dr. Timothy Durkee, SwedishAmerican OB-GYN.

Dr. Durkee says the labor and delivery procedures have remained fairly normal.

"They will notice the hospital staff will be wearing more protective gear far more than what they are used to seeing. So they will all be wearing gowns, face shields, masks," Durkee said.

A COVID-19 negative mother will only be allowed a limited number of visitors.

"At this point, only one person will be able to accompany a patient in the hospital for labor and the postpartum process," Durkee said.

A COVID-19 positive mother or a mother under investigation for COVID-19 will face different circumstances.

"Some recommendations that the mother and baby are separated. If for instance, you wish to breastfeed, there are recommendations that you wear a mask and constantly wash your hands," Durkee said.

The CDC does offer information regarding pregnancy and breastfeeding with COVID-19 on its website.