COVID-19: How to protect yourself when ordering out

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - - - "As a mental health thing, if I don't have to cook dinner some nights, that is a good thing,” said Shirley Poole, a dietitian at SwedishAmerican.

She says though it may not be safe to dine in, people can and should be carrying out to support the local businesses.

"Wash your hands before you eat, and definitely after you eat. Take the containers and throw them away. Then sanitize those places in your home,”

In addition, she recommends using your own utensils when eating takeout, and wiping down bags and packages.

Giovanni's is one of many local businesses who are taking extra precautions to avoid spreading germs. In addition to wiping down their surfaces with bleach water, they use masks, gloves and store food in a heater before it’s picked up. They are also selling frozen foods for customers to pick up and cook at home.

"As of now, the FDA does not report that the virus is transmitted through food. But, as an added measure, you can reheat the food once you get it,” said Poole.