Powerful Storm to Deliver Major Impacts Through the Weekend

It's been an eventful week in the weather department thus far. That's a trend set to resume following a brief respite from the active pattern on Thanksgiving. A dynamic storm system's coming together to the southwest, and promises to leave a significant impact over a large portion of the nation's midsection over the next few days.

While our Friday's to start out on a quiet note, rain will approach the area very late in the afternoon, but will likely hold off in earnest until the evening hours. That rain is to become heavier and more widespread overnight and into the early part of our Saturday.

There's a growing degree of confidence that there will be breaks in the action on Saturday, perhaps totaling several hours in duration. Pinpointing when, exactly, those breaks are to occur remains extremely difficult, as forecast models continue to exhibit some inconsistency. That said, any rainfall that would occur Saturday Afternoon would tend to be more spotty, and also lighter in intensity, a positive development for those hoping to catch the Stroll on State Parade, scheduled for the time being to take place at 2:00pm.

Saturday Evening's to see an uptick in the rainfall once again, though when the activity ramps up remains in question at this time. It's being advertised by some models that the bulk of the evening rainfall may hold off until the conclusion of Stroll on State festivities, while others suggest rain may return right around the time of the tree lighting and fireworks shows. This is something we'll continue to monitor closely moving forward. For now, plan on bringing the rain coats and umbrellas if you're planning on heading downtown Saturday, as it's far better to be safe than sorry.

As for travel impacts, once again, much of Northern Wisconsin, Minnesota, and the Dakotas stand to be on the receiving end of some very heavy snowfall. Major travel impacts will be seen across many of the same areas hammered by Tuesday's powerhouse storm. Those with plans to travel in that direction will be best served to hold off until Sunday to do so.