Amazon distribution facility potentially coming to Beloit

BELOIT, Wis. (WIFR) -- It's with a lot of excitement that Beloit residents received the news of a potential Amazon distribution facility.

"It puts Beloit on the map," says Beloit resident Arsenio White.

On Monday, the Greater Beloit Economic Development Corporation and city council gave the green light for a proposed development with Seefried Industrial Properties, Inc., a firm with Amazon projects in Alabama, Arizona and Utah.

Hagen Harker who is a proponent of local business like Austin's Barber shop and a business owner himself, says this can only lead to a better, greater Beloit.

"It's not just one business but it's a multitude and spidering effect of other organization that will benefit," says Harker.

Others believe this new development could bring more people to Beloit and jobs.

"It's going to build the community, make the community more attractive for everybody," says White.

In a statement released by the city of Beloit, city manager Lori Curtis Luther says,"this proposed development would provide our community with increased property value, which will benefit all of Beloit."