Polo man endures uncomfortable evening for good cause

POLO, Ill. (WIFR) - A Polo man made quite a few daring promises if he could get a certain amount of money raised to help his 12 year old son. And on Tuesday night Ken Yingling is paying up.

The volunteer Polo firefighter originally pledged to be soaked by 3,000 gallons of water from a fire hose if he could get $300 raised to fight Alopecia Areata. That's an auto immune disease that afflicts Ken's son Nathaniel Yingling, causing him to lose his hair. Ken then upped the ante and said he would be tased if he could raise $600. Finally he agreed to be pepper-sprayed with $900 in contributions. And since Ken raised $1,200, all three came true Tuesday night at the Polo fire station.

"It's going to suck. I know it is," said Ken just before braving through his three daring challenges.

"I can't wait," said Ken's son Nathaniel Yingling. "I'm looking forward to this because he's messed with me a lot. He's scared me a lot. It's father/son bonding."

"He's just losing his hair," said Ken. "He's not sick. He's not dying. He's not in pain. He's just starting to look like me, a little bald."

Proceeds will benefit the Children's Alopecia Project; which aims to provide support and build self-esteem for youngsters with the disorder, as well as heighten awareness of it.