Polls show tight race in the Democratic gubernatorial primary

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - With just over a month to go before primary day in Illinois just ten points separate the top three Democratic candidates for governor and the latest polls show all three trail "undecided."

In the latest victory research poll, J.B. Pritzker leads Daniel Biss by six points and Chris Kennedy by ten points. 27 percent of Democratic voters are still not sure who they will vote for on Jan. 20.

Chris Kennedy hopes to close the gap by aligning the two front-runners to Speaker of the House Michael Madigan. Kennedy was in Rockford Monday to explain how he differed from the state's most powerful democrat when it comes to education.

"We need to pay for our schools with a graduated progressive income tax at the state level. Today we pay for our schools at the local level with property taxes, which are now too high. We do that because Mike Madigan is a property tax appeals lawyer. He's making money on this system, preventing us from changing that system. And J-B Pritzker and Daniel Biss are part of that effort to keep us from changing. And I don't think we should allow that to occur anymore," said Kennedy.

There is little polling on the Republican side of the Illinois governor's race but a recent public policy poll shows Governor Rauner approval rate at just 26 percent.