Pinnacle Logistics, RFD introduce 500 airport jobs

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Updated: May 15, 2019, 9:40 p.m.

500 new jobs are available at the Chicago Rockford International Airport immediately, thanks to Pinnacle Logistics, who says these jobs come as extra support for additional cargo flights at the airport.

Peter Weir, Senior Vice Presidents of Operations for Pinnacle Logistics, says they're in the market for multiple positions. Weir says, "Our business is growing tenfold. We're in the market now for associates, part-time, permanent positions. There's opportunities for leads, supervisors, and managers. There's so much opportunity with this growth and we wanted to share this news with Rockford."

Last July, Rockford Airport became the 22nd largest airport in the nation for cargo volume, up from the 31st position in 2016. With the higher ranking, the airport and its partner organizations created nearly 1000 jobs in 2018 alone. Rockford city officials are thrilled that the job expansion is continuing.

Mayor Tom McNamara says, "This company has been all over the place. They've been specifically at dozens of airports and to hear first hand that doing business at the City of Rockford and specifically this airport, is the best airport they've done business at, that's exciting to hear. It means we're on the right track."

Pinnacle Logistics leaders say they're grateful for the airport partnership and it will continue to expand as this is only the beginning of its hiring spree.

Weir says, "We're looking for another growth spurt in August and then another in October. Very easy to do business with, a great partner. These guys are on the board,. do their background checks very quickly and they work with us all of them so its a been a pleasure."


The Chicago Rockford International Airport and cargo operator Pinnacle Logistics have teamed up to create 500 new jobs at the airport.

The new jobs were announced In a news conference on Wednesday. The airport is looking for entry-level positions, supervisors and managers, dockworkers, forklift drivers, and warehouse jobs.

Permanent and seasonal jobs are available with starting pay at $14 per hour. Pinnacle plans to hold job fairs to fill the positions soon.

If you would like to explore and apply for different jobs through Pinnacle, click here.

The Federal Aviation Administration announced a $9 million grant for the Chicago Rockford International Airport on Wednesday. The money will help fund a new apron construction project.