Piano prodigy Emily Bear prepares for local show

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- The world has been hearing from Rockford musical prodigy Emily Bear for over a decade, and now the 18-year-old can be seen in a few new music videos from her debut album "Emotions."

We caught up with Emily at Randee's Music in Rockford. This is video of the title track from her debut EP called Emotions. Last month Bear debuted another video for her hit single Dancin' on the Ellen Show.

Emotions was produced by Toby Gad, who's worked with other artists like Fergie, John Legend and Beyoncé. This worldwide star will be playing at home Thursday night at 7:30 at Prairie Street Brewhouse. It's 15 bucks for adults and nine bucks for students.

"The show is obviously very different than what I've done before, but there's still a ton of piano in it. The piano is a huge part of my identity and just because I'm adding another layer to that doesn't mean that that whole part of my life is just going away. I'm just adding another color,” said Emily Bear.