Photos acquired of missing child in question, possibly Timmothy Pitzen

Photos courtesy: Sharon Hall
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NEWPORT, KY (WIFR) -- The FBI and local authorities are investigating whether a child is Timmothy Pitzen, a boy reported missing from Aurora in 2011.

According to a police report​ from the Sharonville Police Department in Ohio, a boy told Campbell County authorities he was Timmothy Pitzen. The report says the boy had escaped from two kidnappers who have been holding him seven years.

WIFR TV obtained pictures of a child in question from Sharon Hall, a resident from Newport, Kentucky. She was one of up to four witnesses to find a missing boy.

Hall tld​ FOX 19 in Cincinnati she thought the child in question was trying to steal her neighbor’s car.

“From out the window, I couldn’t see who was standing to the curb,” she said. “But I looked out and came back in and ... there was a young man standing by my neighbor’s car.”

Hall described the boy as acting fidgety and moving around. The child in question was found on the west side of Newport early Wednesday.

Aurora Police say two detectives are on their way to the Cincinnati area to assist the FBI and local authorities with the investigation. The FBI has not confirmed whether the child is linked to the Pitzen case.

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