Pecatonica Middle School sings Christmas carols for terminally ill boy in Maine

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PECATONICA, Ill. (WIFR) -- One local school is working toward putting some positivity in the air after this tragic week by spreading their love all the way to Maine for one little boy with a terminal illness.

Pecatonica Middle School students have taken it upon themselves to bring joy to 9-year-old Jacob Thompson who is battling stage 4 neuroblastoma in Portland, Maine, by creating a video of the whole school singing Christmas carols and making homemade Christmas cards for the boy.

On Friday, the students decked out in Christmas clothes sang carols, which they plan to upload to the hospital's website this weekend.

The school's P.E. and health teacher, Jennifer Dusing, said she stumbled across Jacob’s story that went viral on social media of the boy requesting home-made cards to help him celebrate what might be his last Christmas. Thousands across the nation are now responding to his request, giving even more than he had asked. Dusing brought this idea to a few of her students who took it under their wing to make it a school-wide event.

"Well, it's been a really hard week. We had the church shooting and the police officer that got shot, so we really wanted to put some good back into the community and everybody's in on it," says Pecatonica 8th grader, Sarah Torrisi.

“We’re complaining in the world about how negative it is, but nobody's doing anything different to change it and we just did just a little bit of work and we changed something. The kids are happy, the kids are excited about what they're doing and it's going to make his family happy. Kids need to see that all it takes is just a little bit of work to accomplish a big thing," says Dusing.

Staff members said they have had such a great turnout from parents who are also in on this idea who have donated money, stuffed animals and cards to send to Jacob.

The students are making Christmas cards during P.E. class on Monday, which they plan to ship after school. All the extra cards will be signed by the students and will be sent to Rockford Hospitals so they can pay it forward in our own community.