Peace in the Streets fights community violence

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) ----- To fight the tide against community violence, one local church will take to area neighborhoods this weekend.

"The few days are going to look like a church that's got a mission," said Brown.

Next month marks ten years since the fatal police shooting of Mark Barmore rocked the community of the Kingdom Authority International Ministry. Since then, Pastor Melvin Brown has made it his mission to improve the state of the city he loves so much.

"I'm not trying to get into politics, I'm talking about peace. People need jobs, people need information, and people need to know that they're loved. They need to know that we're here for them and we need to get outside of our four walls and let them know these things," said Brown.

This weekend, Pastor Brown and his congregation are spearheading the Peace in the Streets Revival, a street-by-street climb to promote positivity.

"Telling somebody that we still love them in spite of what's going on in their life, but we still love them and we are here for them. You know, to tell them that there is a better way,” said parishioner Robert Brown.

While those behind the project say there has been progress, they keep going because the work is never done.

"You can have all the peace marches in the world, you can do all the walking in the world, but unless there's a communication between those powers that be and those, the have nots, there is no peace," said community activist John Tac Brantley.

Congregations from Milwaukee, Chicago and Detroit are expected to join the weekend's events, which kick off with a concert on Friday at the church on Court Street.