Ordinance preventing dogs from being tethered passes through committee

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- You may want to think twice before taking your dog for a walk without a leash or leaving it out on a tether. If you do, it may cost you more than $200 if a new ordinance is put in place.

Alderman John Beck, Ward 12, proposed the ordinance after a dog that wasn't on a leash attacked another dog in his ward. The Code and Regulations committee passed the ordinance that will prevent dogs from being tethered for long periods of time. Many alderman say this will protect our pets, giving them a better quality of life.

"The key issue of this whole ordinance is that it's never okay for somebody to leave a dog on a tether and then leave the property. The owner has to be home when the dog is on a tether. and that's just, it's common sense in my mind,” said Beck.

Another ordinance discussed will prevent dogs from running around without a leash. Alderman Beck says this will allow for fewer dog attacks. Both ordinances will be voted on by the full city council next week.