Optometrists offer advice on maintaining 20/20 vision in 2020

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BELVIDERE, Ill. (WIFR) -- Local eye doctors want to make sure we enter the new year with 20/20 vision.

Optometrists say regularly-scheduled eye exams are crucial, even if you have strong vision and don't need to wear glasses or contacts.

Dr. Katelyn Hasken from Belvidere Shopko Optical says those over 40 should pay extra attention to their overall eye health.

"So there is a thing called presbyopia, that's when you're getting older and your eyes lose their ability to focus up close," says Dr. Hasken. "Other problems include dry eye, glucoma, so things like that really important for early detection and early treatment."

Dr. Haskin recommends that her patients always wear sunglasses when outdoors during the day and use blue light glasses when using any digital device.