One local community college starts the conversation on active intruder violence

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FREEPORT, Ill (WIFR) -- Intruder violence is an issue most people never think will happen to them, one local community college is starting the conversation on active intruders before a situation arises.

Highland Community College in Freeport invited local experts to discuss ways to protect yourself in the event of an active intruder. The program is based on the Center for Disease Control and the Federal Emergency Management Agency readiness measures. The emergency preparedness presentation highlighted how even in smaller cities, the threat of an intruder situation is all too real.

Rick Mcdonough of Stephenson County Health Department spoke with us and said, "Staying aware of the situation around us is the key to all of it. Observing what's going on and processing that to make decisions on what you need to do."

In the event of an active intruder, remain calm and call 911 when safely hidden and behind ample cover.