O'Hare Airport to get $7.4 million simulator

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CHICAGO, Ill., (AP) -- Chicago O'Hare Airport will be receiving a crash simulator worth up to $7.4 million.

The simulator at O'Hare International Airport is to prepare first-responders for rescues involving super-jumbo jets.

As the Chicago Sun-Times reports, the city is taking precautionary measures to prepare firefights after an engine an engine fire took down an American Airlines plane at an O'Hare runway last year.

Over 170 passengers and crew members were forced to exit the plane due to fire and smoke, with 20 of them being injured.

The contract, funded by airline revenues, calls for Simulation Live Fire Training Solutions, Inc. to build a "triple-deck, large-frame aircraft simulator." A rotating cabin engineered to simulate a broken jet, accompanied with software, will be included in the simulator.

Tim Sampey, Assistant Deputy Fire Commissioner, says the cabin was made to replicate a 1989 United Airlines jet crash in Sioux City, IA, that killed 111 people.