No food wasted at Lincoln Middle School

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - A sixth grade science class initiative made sure no food went to waste today at Lincoln Middle School on Tuesday.

“We should love food and not waste," said Lincoln Middle School 6th Grader Brianna Najera.

Najera created a poster to get the word out about no food waste day.

"We aren't wasting any food or anything and we are just going to eat it all or maybe composting it to the garden," Najera said.

The food waste study is a project put together by the University of Illinois Extension as part of the study; the Lincoln staff weighed the schools waste in April and then came back Tuesday to see if the 6th graders changes made an impact.

"A paper tray gets thrown away every day per kid which ends up being a lot of garage so we started using plastic tray," said Lincoln Middle School Teacher Susan Griffith.

The students also came up with an idea to start a share cart.

"Anything they haven't touched they can put it in the share cart and then other kids that might be hungry or want more can come and take it from the share cart whenever they want. Whatever is left after the three lunches they actually give to a homeless shelter," Griffith said.

From the looks of it, Carol Erickson at U of I Extension along with school staff has noticed a big difference.

"I talk to the janitor and he told me that he is hauling a lot less out to the trash so I think that's really a good sign," Erickson said.

"These guys have decided to do one thing. So I think that it's important that we at least do what we can all of us. But if we don't understand it we aren't going to do it,” Griffith said.

By the end of the day the students saved about 77 pounds of food from going into the trash.