Nippon Sharyo to have public auction in Rochelle

ROCHELLE, Ill. (WIFR) -- People from across the county are heading to Rochelle for an auction at the former Nippon Sharyo RailCar Manufacturing Plant.

"Truck presses, we are looking at some assembly equipment some jacks and things like that," said Gray Manufacturing Industries President David Gray.

Gray traveled all the way from New York for the Nippon Sharyo Manufacturing Auction in Rochelle.

"A lot of stuff is specific to the industry so there are a couple of things we have targeted to use for our company," Gray said.

Nippon Sharyo closed nearly a year ago. since then the company joined forces with Avison Young and Cincinnati Industrial Auctioneers to sell the buildings and auction off the machinery.

"You can come in here and buy one lot at a time or buy hundreds of lots. it's up to you to on what you need," said Business Development for Cincinnati Industrial Auctioneers, Ryan Luggen.

2,500 items are up for grabs at the two-day auction including everything from small tools to large welding equipment.

"A lot of the equipment here is brand new. They had a great maintenance program so it's going to be a great opportunity for somebody to buy equipment," Luggen said.

Rochelle Economic Development Director Jason Anderson is excited so many people are visiting the city.

"I have no idea how many hundreds of people may be here this week. that is actually going to be interested in seeing not just Nippon Sharyo facilities but all of what we have to offer," Anderson said.

The auction also allows people to participate online.

"Anybody outside of 500 miles can bid from a computer so they will have the same opportunities as someone in a local area," Luggen said.

The auction will be open Wednesday and Thursday and you can find the web chat at