Next Storm System Could Bring Several Inches of Snow to the Stateline Over Next 3-4 Days

For the third time in as many weeks, a winter storm is poised to impact the Stateline, which will likely force us to employ the snow shovels on more than one occasion over the next several days. While this storm is hardly to be a blockbuster here, it's looking increasingly possible that it may deposit several inches of wet snow here before all is said and done.

Computer forecast model trends Tuesday have remained largely unchanged, each suggesting a long-duration storm system that would send multiple waves of precipitation our way, most of which coming in the form of snow. The only noticeable change is regarding the timing of the storm. It appears more likely the initial snow will hold off until Wednesday Night, and that the last flakes may not fly until sometime Saturday Morning.

For the Stateline, it still appears that most of the precipitation is to fall as snow for the majority of the event. A mix with rain, while far from a given, would likely be confined to a brief window of time Friday and Friday Night.

Snowfall accumulations are likely with this next storm, although they're not appearing to be major. As things appear now, up to an inch of snow could come Wednesday Night, another inch or two Thursday and Thursday Night, and then perhaps another inch or two Friday and Friday Night. This snow, falling into an atmosphere featuring near to slightly above freezing temperatures, may cause roads to become slushy, but should not cause any major travel impacts, especially given the fact it's to fall over such a long period of time.

NOAA's Weather Prediction Center places the chances of the Stateline seeing 2" or more of snowfall at 80% or greater, and the chances of 4" or more at a respectable 30-60%, with the greatest chances of that happening found in western portions of the area.

Our initial internal estimate is that most areas will see a total of 3 to 5 inches of snow from Wednesday Night through Saturday Morning. Unfortunately, for those hoping to enjoy it, much of it will settle, compact, or even melt during the daytime hours each day, as temperatures are expected to top out between 34° and 38° each of the next seven days.