New technology to improve Rock County fire department's response times

Published: Jan. 20, 2020 at 9:34 PM CST
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Technology that's never been used before in Rock County will now allow four fire departments to respond to emergency situations faster thanks to a new partnership.

The city of Beloit, Town of Beloit, Janesville and Milton fire departments will use automatic vehicle locator technology which uses GPS to dispatch the closest first responders to an emergency no matter whose response area it is. Officials say the technology will be used daily for medical calls fire alarms and accidents. Leaders say the goal is to not allow boundary lines to delay a call for service.

“Our four departments are on the same page, we have the same amount of equipment, the same type of equipment responding to each and every call. So looking at the future it's really going to make the whole department basically run as one, large department instead of eleven small communities trying to put the equipment together to go on a call,” said Town of Beloit Fire Chief Gene Wright.

The fire departments plan to partner with other agencies in the county and throughout the region to expand this technology and service.