New ordinance will save Rockford building owners money on elevator inspections

Published: Mar. 18, 2019 at 10:35 PM CDT
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People ride elevators every day and to make sure you stay safe Rockford council members passed a new ordinance that will improve the efficiency and lower the prices for building owners for elevator inspections.

This proposal lets Rockford take control of elevator inspections from the Illinois State Fire Marshals, who city leaders say didn't have the staff to keep up with elevator inspections.

Rockford is in the process of contracting with a third party that will conduct regular maintenance on all the elevators located in Rockford.

Rockford Building Code Official Nelson Sjostrom says state fire marshals have been encouraging this because it will benefit the city, by allowing inspections to be done in a much faster and organized manner and will save the city, landlords, and business a lot of money.

"In the past elevator inspection companies came in and did different services and inspections charged often times exorbitant fees to get those services done. Now we will have a more uniform fee structure,” Sjostrom said.

Typically a Rockford property owner spends up to $300 for the inspection and the certification each year. But under the new proposal, the inspection and certification would cost about $122.

With the city taking control of these inspections all building owners will have set dates and times when their yearly inspections will be completed to make sure all city elevators are kept up to code.

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