New Crusader Community Health clinic coming to Rockford

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - A new Crusader Community Health building is coming to Rockford’s west side.

"I couldn't be prouder. It's such a wonderful feeling," said Barbara Roman, founder, Crusader Health.

Roman is thrilled to see the original Crusader campus turn into a state of the art facility.

"It was always my concern you know if they ever rebuilt that they would leave here but, they understood the importance of this area," Roman said.

The new clinic will be built in the employee parking lot, so the current clinic can continue helping its patients during construction.

"We feel our patients deserve to have a nice facility here. One of the things we started out with is we were working in this community in an existing building and we've done as much as we really can," said Shelton Kay, VP Community Relations, Crusader Health.

The new two story building will be larger at 4,900 square feet to allow the 30 exam rooms to increase in size and be easier to access.

"Our main goal is to provide access and making sure that everything is at a level that they can get to I think really promotes that," Kay said.

That's why the new Crusader facility will continue to provide all services, including a Walgreens pharmacy.

"It’s a fabulous addition to the west state corridor. We are just modernizing and our patients deserve it," said Gordon Egger Jr., president and CEO, Crusader Health.

Egger believes in the west side of Rockford and hopes this new clinic allows others to believe too.

"It’s great to see Rockford start to thrive in such a way and it feels just so wonderful to have team crusader be such a strong part of that," Egger said.

Crews expect to break ground on the new clinic this summer.