Neighbors react to fatal crash related to death of officer Jaimie Cox

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- "We should appreciate being protected and not feel like the police are our enemies,” said neighbor Claudia Bell. Bell says she supports the men and women of the Rockford police department.

"The tragedy that happened right in the neighborhood it just scares me,” said Bell.

Bell is one of many neighbors still in shock after learning a traffic stop involving a Rockford police officer went wrong. Officer Jaimie Cox made a radio transmission requesting help during the traffic stop in the area of East State Street and Dawn Avenue.

Investigators say police responded to find a one-car crash about two blocks north of the initial traffic stop. 49-year-old Eddie Patterson’s body was found inside. Police say Officer Cox was also found at the scene seriously hurt. Another neighbor checking his mail witnessed the crash.

"The first thing that struck me as odd was hearing the truck floor the gas. I just figured he's going to come up to the corner and stop the vehicle and turn and he didn't he just went right through and he hit that tree really hard," said John Fielder-Dean.

Fielder-Dean couldn’t help but notice something else out of place in the truck as it passed by.

“The flashlight it was pointed towards the floor and the dash. I saw the dashboard as it was going by and I couldn't really make the faces out as it was going by,” said John Fielder-Dean.

Both Bell and Fielder-Dean say they don't feel safe in their own neighborhood. “We should take Rockford back, we should let everyone know if you're doing wrong take it somewhere else," said John Fielder-Dean.