Neighborhood watch group hosts trade jobs forum

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ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR) -- The city of Rockford’s unemployment rate stands at 9.3 percent as of this past November according to the Illinois Department of Employment Security. One neighborhood watch group is looking to change that.

Members from the Keye-Mallquist Neighborhood Watch held a forum highlighting job opportunities and the qualifications needed for trade’s jobs in our area. Several trade unions including electricians, ironworkers, plumbers, bricklayers and tech workers were on hand to talk about their line of work and the training needed to begin a career. The neighborhood group believes getting people working will make our community safer.

“I hope that with people going to work and they're staying active that the crime rates do go down because it's everywhere, it's not just in Rockford it's in every little city, and if people come together as a group and they start finding different activities, then maybe that will make a difference,” said secretary of the Keye-Mallquist Neighborhood Watch Group Hope Lanning-Bigelow.