National public safety telecommunications week celebrates 911 operators

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ROCKFORD, Ill (WIFR)--- Often times people forget our 911 operators and the work that they do. Dispatchers who speak to people in crucial moments, sometimes in life and death situations.

"I had a call where the guy called his wife had fallen out of bed, hit her head, she wasn't breathing. I had to administer CPR instructions and he ended up calling back the next day saying she made it, she was fine and thanked me for what I did," says dispatcher Nicole Kulpa from the Winnebago County Sheriff's Police.

In a job that could weigh heavy on their hearts, they find ways to celebrate the good.

"we have sports day, we're doing pajama day, we're doing a decades day, you can pick whatever decade you want to dress up just fun things like that to just kinda make it a fun time and celebrate the job we do," says Kulpa.

NPSTW spotlights the individuals that are always just a phone call away

"It's an opportunity to draw attention to the fact that they are a part of the emergency response system, they play an integral role, they're the first point of contact for most people when they're having an emergency and they need assistance," says Winnebago County Sheriff's Police 911 center director, Thad Martin.