Record numbers of women elected to US House and Senate

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - The makeup of the House of Representative will soon be filled with female faces more than we've seen in US history.

"I think this is the largest number of women candidates that have been elected that will be going into the house this January and that's exciting," said Jo Minor, vice president, The League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford.

The League of Women Voters of Greater Rockford sponsors many forums as a way to encourage the community to vote. This time - the strategy worked.

"This was a great year for women and also a great year for minorities, all kinds of minorities Native American women, Muslim women, it’s been really exciting to watch America when you look at the whole country it really is really a diversified nation, “said Minor.

Women will occupy more seats than ever before in the US House and the Senate. Locally, Lori Gummow won the Winnebago County Clerk's race and says her gender is a plus.

" Interesting characteristics of women leaders at times we are able to multitask we are really good at collaboration and a lot of time women are in a position of influence which I think works well for me my first time in politics being the clerk," said Gummow.

Bob Evans, a political science professor at Rockford University believes having more women in power could have a big impact.

"Female voters tip the elections and females elected. You will expect to see things like health care policy, child care policy may be an extension of Medicare and medicate which will be a problem in Illinois," said Evans.

“The heart of this country is the Midwest so the different views of those women will help in every aspect of this county,” said Minor.

The newest members of the House and Senate will take office in January.