More security added one year after Dixon High School shooting

DIXON, Ill. (WIFR) - It's been one year since an armed person opened fire at Dixon High School. 23 News spoke with staff and students about the changes being made to keep everyone safe.

"The reason I'm still here today is because of the outcome and because of the people we have working with us,” said Dixon High School Principal Mike Grady.

Grady was getting ready for graduation practice when the unthinkable happened.

"We heard some shots and one of my faculty members yelled and said we had an active shooter. I yelled at the students to get out. They ran out to the North, I saw Officer Dallas leave through the South doors and I Followed him." Grady said.

School Resource Officer Mark Dallas confronted the accused shooter Matthew Milby, shooting him in the shoulder and preventing any one else from getting hurt.

"We had an excellent response from our Dixon Police Department, Lee County Police Department and the State Police. 92 seconds later we were safe," Grady said.

Students say the extensive shooter training they had been through prior to the incident allowed them to stay calm and get out safely.

"It kind of like makes you think of those situations and what you do and prepares you for whatever might happen so you know what to do,” said Senior at Dixon High School Gabe Sohn.

Over the last year Dixon high school has implemented new safety precautions.

"As soon as school starts at 7:45 you can only enter through the secure vestibule so we can check everyone in. We have 120 extra cameras and we do have an increased police presence around the school,” Grady said.

"You're not worried about it happening again because every shooting incident most of the time is isolated so I wasn't worried about. And then security all around the school has been stepped up,” Sohn said.

Milby's trial was set to start April 8th but a judge ruled that he's unfit to stand trial. No new trial date is set.