Miracle Mile honors Rockford front line workers

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ROCKFORD, Ill. Just before the weather took a turn, Rockford’s miracle mile turned out by the car-full, preparing one thousand meals in salute to our area's front line workers.

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Don Carter Lanes welcomed all essential workers including police officers, firefighters, postal workers, grocery store employees, and everyone in between.

After placing their orders, these heroes got to enjoy their choice of hamburgers, pork chops, and brats, which organizers say was just a small way to show their appreciation and gratitude.

"If you feel you're essential, you're invited. We're not checking badges, it's the honor system and pretty much, when you get down to it, everybody in Rockford is essential,” General Manager at Don Carter Lanes Brad Sommer said. “You know, they might not be labeled an essential worker, but without everybody, this town doesn't work. And the faster we can get everybody else back to work, the better our economy's going to come back."