Rockford businesses and residents react to Spring Creek construction

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) - "There are sometimes when there are no ways to get out of this house - in a car or wheelchair, however," said Laverne Berger, who lives right off of Spring Creek Road.

While Berger loves to stay active, her Polio Syndrome confines her to her wheelchair or her car. She says she often gets frustrated by construction projects along Spring Creek Road, which runs near her home.

She says sometimes she's hesitant to leave her house because of the road work.

"Parkview is not an easy street to get out of, especially during rush hour or when schools get out. Now that Spring Creek is being worked on, it's incredibly harder to get out of this driveway," said Berger.

Crews are resurfacing Spring Creek Road from Parkview, where berger lives, to Springbrook Road.

"The majority of the roadway resurfacing is pretty straightforward. But when we get into intersections like Springcreek and Highcrest, Parkview and Spring Creek, and Spring Creek and Alpine, it has to be done in phases. That means a lot of taking down and setting up barricades," said City of Rockford Public Works Director Mark Stockman.

Businesses along the route say they are trying to be optimistic.

"It's been a temporary inconvenience, but we know looking forward that it's gonna be a big, big improvement. We really look forward to having all the potholes fixed and the roads refinished. Does it stink? Yeah, it does. But it's only a few days," said Anderson Japanese Gardens founding family member David Anderson.

Berger is just eager for the end.

"I hope this year they're gonna do it and do a good job so it doesn't have to be done again soon," said Berger.