Memorial Day 2018 could be the hottest on record

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- A mid-summer like pattern established across the Midwest since the middle of May will likely continue to break records before the month is over.

An upper-level ridge has sent the jet-stream all the way into Canada while substantial warmth from south has established itself over the region. A tropical storm system in the Gulf of Mexico will likely halt the weather pattern heading into next week that will keep the heat and humidity in place for several more days.

Forecast highs for Memorial Day are currently in the middle 90s, which could potentially either tie or break the hottest Memorial Day on record, which stands at 96 degrees back in 1934.

Some other Memorial Day Climatology statistics for Rockford:
-Rockford has only seen 10 days with temperatures of 90 degrees or warmer on past Memorial Day holidays.
-The highest frequency of high temperature ranges for the day is between 70 and 79 degrees.
-The majority of past Memorial Day holidays have featured little to no precipitation.

Extended Outlook: The heat is expected to moderate some heading into the first part of June, with precipitation expected to trend below-average.