Rockford mayor hosts town hall

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Rockford, Ill (WIFR) -- Rockford Mayor Tom McNamara met dozens of residents during the second of three town hall discussions. While the issues discussed will be the same at all the events, the mayor wants residents to ask any questions they might have.

Public safety, neighborhood health as well as economic development and job growth was the focus of McNamara’s comments on the state of the city. He says he wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the great work alderpersons and city staff are doing, but also talk bluntly about the challenges the community faces

"It's always really enjoyable to get out and talk to residents. It's where you really hear what’s on their minds without a filter,” said Mayor Tom McNamara.

“To be able to provide direct honest answers, even if they're answers sometimes folks don’t want to hear, but we face challenging times and I want to be as direct and honest as I can be with any question that we face."