Ogle County residents are mixed on solar farms

OGLE COUNTY, Ill. (WIFR)--- Renewable energy has been in the works in Ogle County but has caused controversy among several community members.

Jessie Coffey who is a homeowner in Davis Junction says she is worried about her property value and the safety of her family.

Similar concerns are shared by residents in the county. For this reason the board issued a moratorium.

“You know what we better step back just a second because this is all knew to us, it’s new in the state of Illinois. So we decided to step back and look at this whole process before we move forward,“ says Chairman Kim Gouker of the Ogle County Board.

The meeting Thursday will determine the approval of 9 applications that have been submitted for permits. These permits would allow landowners to build solar farms.

One of the applications would allow for a solar farm to be built in Coffey's backyard.

“Some of them use hazardous materials; the ones being proposed behind my house contain hazardous materials. Those have been shown to leak into the ground and my well is on the very back end of my property and I really worry that it will seep into my well water and I won’t even know about it,” says Coffey.

Chairman Gouker says zoning will be considered and how a solar farm could affect communities.

At the meeting, it will also be voted on if the moratorium is suspended.