Machesney Park Goodwill returns accidental donation of $5,200 to owner

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MACHESNEY PARK, Ill. (WIFR) -- Goodwill has returned an accidental donation of $5,200 to its owner after one Machesney Park employee found the money while sorting through donated goods.

A wares processor found a stack of money, then alerted the store manager.

According to Goodwill, the store manager used security footage to identify the original owner and the owner's license plate number. The donor was cleaning out an apartment and was not aware of the stashed cash.

“This goes to the honesty and integrity of our Goodwill employees," says Ben Bernsten, president of Goodwill Industries of Northern Illinois. “We are extremely proud of these individuals and very happy to see that this substantial amount of money was returned to the rightful owner.”

Goodwill has 12 retail stores located in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.