Love's Park I-90 corridor is booming with business

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LOVES PARK, Ill. (WIFR) -- Business is bombing for the I-90 corridor in Loves Park.

“It’s just going to be, what I consider, the hub of Winnebago County for years to come,” says Loves Park Mayor Greg Jury. “We also have 600 acres to the north where a lot of industrial manufacturers are working.”

Its location off of the interstate is what makes the area so ideal.

“Its access off of I-90 makes it easy for people, not only in our region, but people further out get here,” says Jury.

It’s not just big names like MercyHealth and Costco making an impact. Many other stores, hotels and manufacturing companies will soon be making their way to the area.

“Next week we are going to have a groundbreaking for Meridian Printing for a six million dollar building,” says Jury.

Meridian is consolidating four of its Stateline offices into one.

“It’s just a great distribution point for us moving our products to the other locations and bringing our services and raw materials into this location,” says Meridian President Bab Chanson.

Chanson believes the development will not slow down anytime soon.

“Businesses draw other businesses,” says Chanson. “Whether it’s the hospital, or our business or some other store around here, one thing drives the other. It's like a magnet and creates opportunities.”

Meridian’s ground breaking will take place on Monday, August 26. The facility is expected to be completed by March of 2020.​