Long road to concussion recovery

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ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – Tomorrow marks eight months since a local woman was involved in a serious crash in front of the Clock Tower Resort on East State Street. Since then, the woman says she has struggled to recover from a severe concussion.

Stephanie Shrum says she was knocked unconscious during the crash back on January 27th. Now, she still lives with the impacts of her concussion that she says have caused her to relearn things in her daily life. She says her concussion has left her with balance and vision issues, headaches and dizziness. Doctors with Swedish American say they have been working with Shrum for the past seven months to help her recovery and with physical therapy to retrain her brain she is starting to show improvements.

“She’s come a very long way and works very hard. It takes work, regular exercise, the neck, muscles, the eyes, the balance exercises. It takes a commitment,” says Headache Specialist, Dr. Jeffrey Royce.

Doctor Joyce says even though symptoms of concussions can go away within a few weeks, studies have shown our brains are still repairing for months after an injury.