Locals plead for repairs to Fordam dam

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) -- Time is taking its toll on a Rockford dam built more than a century ago.

Some local residents say they're having trouble with the dam.

"The gate just being chained halfway is not a good answer. It needs to be fixed, said Rock River Homeowners Association President Steve Lucas.

ComEd owns the dam. Lucas believes that repairs to the Fordam Dam are long overdue.

"We raised $15,000 in private funds to have a gauge installed at the dam so that we would know what the water level was because we kept getting misinformation from ComEd," said Lucas.

Lucas says ComEd has not been doing their part to maintain the dam. He says over time, large piles of debris can collect and cause it to clog.

"It starts to affect people's yards. If we get into a minor flood stage, it can affect Sportscore," said Lucas.

According to Lucas, ComEd has only cleared away debris once in the last 10 years. However, ComEd representatives say repairs have been performed as necessary.

"We do have engineering plans. We're going for bid, and we're looking to have repairs done to the gate. Not only gate number one but looking at the other gates and making some repairs there also," said ComEd External Affairs Manager George Gaulrapp.

Lucas says he'll believe it when he sees it.

"It's just been run poorly for so long," said Lucas.

ComEd hopes to start those repairs soon and have them finished by September 1.