Locals in Las Vegas react to shooting horror

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LAS VEGAS (WIFR)-- It's the deadliest shooting to happen in U.S. history, and though it may be several states away, it's being felt here at home as some of our loved ones ran for their lives last night. Angela Pflederer is a Rockford native who was just trying to enjoy a concert with a friend when the shots rang out. Angela says when the shots were first heard she and many other assumed they were pyrotechnics for the show. Then people started running. Angela describes the scene as a nightmare.

"We hid under the stage, behind a speaker," said Angela. There was people all over the ground, blood all over on people's faces. There was a girl next to us that was shot in the arm. There was a girl on the ground."

Angela says this is an event keeps replaying in her mind.

"It's horrible just seeing all these, I was having anxiety, panic attacks," said Angela. "I'm seeing these people injured and that got me upset. Here I'm worried about family and friends back here in Rockford. I was just thinking about them and of course it's in the middle of the night there, and I didn't want to call and worry anybody. I was just upset panicking about that, and I can just hear the booms in my head, the shots being fired."

Another Stateline woman says she wasn't at the concert but is still trying to shake off the fear after being so close to the event, and concerned something like what happened in Vegas could happen here.

"Look theaters have been hit, malls have been hit," said Vickie Adams, a Rockton Resident. "I don't understand it. Of course it concerns me. I think anymore anything can happen, and that's the worst part."

An Illinois State Senator was two blocks away when the shooting happened. He says it's amazing how quickly after a tragic event our country looks to help each other.

"We're still one family and that's the greatness of America," explaind Senator Dave Syverson. "When somebody hurts the country rallies behind them. When one of our family members hurts, we all respond together."

Another Stateline man was also at the concert and shot in the leg. We have reached out to him, but he declined commenting at this time.

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