Locals sew Joey Pouches for Australia

Published: Jan. 7, 2020 at 8:43 PM CST
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A Poplar Grove woman is taking an issue 9,000 miles away into her own hands. Becky Coulson is one of many sewing Joey Pouches to send to Australia as wildfires devastate ecosystems and wildlife.

"This is any kind of marsupial where the child has to be in a pouch and needs to have a pouch replicated," says Coulson. "If the baby starts off this big, and the mother has just been tragically injured, they're going to need a size of these every stage for the next 11 to possibly 13 months."

Joey Pouches are designed to keep baby Kangaroos alive without their mother's pouch. Coulson says fabric like cotton t-shirts are crucial now in their survival. Coulson is partnering with Quilting of the Valley to create a sew-in event for the public.

"I can either sit there and look at it and cry and go on with my life, or I can do something that I feel can make a difference," she explains. Sunday January 19 Quilting of the Valley will start its first sew-in. They are also accepting fabric donations.

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