Locally Dense Fog Again Possible Monday Night into Tuesday Morning

Aside from a veil of high clouds drifting overhead this evening, things remain just about perfect in the Stateline, and a repeat is likely in store Tuesday. Before we get there, though, there could also be a repeat of last night's fog.

The fog that had developed late Sunday evening into the wee hours of Monday Morning thickened quickly, reducing visibility to near zero in many spots, causing significantly hazardous travel conditions. Unfortunately, several high-resolution computer forecast models are pointing toward a similar scenario unfolding in the hours ahead.

Our in-house Timecast Model paints a picture in which fog will develop around midnight, though visibility would not be greatly impacted immediately. Visibility is to become much more significantly reduced closer to 3:00 Tuesday Morning, and may again, in spots, drop to near zero. It remains at least of moderate concern that locally dense fog may continue into and perhaps through Tuesday Morning's commute, though, at this time, Dense Fog Advisories have yet to be issued.

Fog should lift rather quickly toward mid-morning Tuesday.